About ASOS

1.1  Key Beliefs

  • Occupation is a basic human need that is fundamental to health, well-being and social justice.
  • Occupation encompasses all human pursuits. Occupation can be mental, physical, social, spiritual, restful, active, obligatory, self-chosen, paid or unpaid.
  • Engagement in occupation is a dynamic interaction with the environment. The engagement in occupation is influenced by factors unique to the individual.
  • Occupational science generates knowledge about the rich diversity of human occupation and the socio-cultural, political, economic, environmental, biological and other conditions to support healthy, satisfying, meaningful occupation for individual and communities in diverse world contexts.
  • Occupational science adopts an interdisciplinary, multi-perspective approach to research, debate and activism.

1.2  Aims of ASOS

  • to promote occupational science to professional, community and political groups
  • to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion and debate about the relationship of occupation to health, wellbeing and social justice
  • to support basic and applied research into all facets of occupation
  • to establish an organisational structure for members which will promote the above aims and which will facilitate communication with other like-minded groups

1.3  ASOS Strategic Plan 2001-2005

  • formalisation of ASOS structure
  • preparation of policies to meet the operating costs of ASOS
  • generation of an online occupational science forum which will promote equity, access and diversity for all members and other interested parties
  • facilitation, in conjunction with Journal of Occupational Science (JOS Inc.), of an Australasian symposium at least every 2 years
  • collaboration with tertiary education providers to promote occupational science

1.4 The Story of ASOS

  • 8 September 2000 ASOS was established at the Australasian Occupational Science Symposium held at Charles Sturt University, Albury, NSW.
  • December 2000 The inaugural ASOS Executive was elected:
President Gail Whiteford Australia
Secretary Marie Chester New Zealand
Treasurer Hugh Stewart Australia
  • April 2001 At a general meeting held by ASOS at the OT Australia National Conference in Brisbane, the objectives of ASOS were drafted and member subscription fees were set.
  • May 2001 OccSci Listserver was launched. This occupational science list server was established in collaboration with the International Society of Occupational Scientists, ISOS.
  • 13 July 2001 ASOS became an incorporated association under the NSW Association Incorporation Act, 1984, and was registered as a not-for-profit business with the Australian Taxation Office.
  • May 2002 Bank accounts in the name of ASOS Inc. were opened in Australia and New Zealand.
  • November 2002 The current Executive was elected:
President Alison Wicks Australia
Vice President (Finance) Penny Westhorp Australia
Vice President (Administration, Aust) Mandy Stanley Australia
Vice President (Administration, NZ) Heleen Blijlevens New Zealand
  • June 2004 The ASOS website was launched.
  • February 2015 –  Occupational Science Symposium in Adelaide
  • New Executive Officers –  Dr Mandy Stanley President
  • Hugh Stewart Treasurer.
  • 2016 Occupational Science symposium in New Zealand.
  • 2018 New Web site launched
Public Officer- Nicole Sharp
Building 24, Level 2, Campbelltown Campus, Western Sydney University
Locked Bag 1797 Penrith NSW 2751

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